Sunshine carries over 600 pieces of Pottery to choose from AND ......

more than 100 non toxic pottery glaze and specialty colors with sprinkles and sparkles in the paint.

We also carry a large selection of functional pottery items like bowls , mugs, platters and plates in all sizes and shapes.

Plus, unusual and interesting bowls and containers such as our favorite splatter and wavy bowl.

Or choose from banks, boxes, and figures in every animal you can think of. And then there are action hero's, robots and an over sized Spider-man bank and puppy dog that every boy must have.

The Hello Kitty plates and figures are girls favorites plus we have so many Princesses to choose from. We have so much pottery you won't know what to paint first.

And when fired, all pottery is smooth to the touch, so very shiny and bright, plus food safe.



And if you haven't had enough fun yet - WHAT comes NEXT is Alice's favorite part of any given day.

Alice loves to take kids, or anyone for that matter, on a tour of the Sunshine Pottery Trail that will answer some of the common questions asked frequently.

For instance, "Is the pottery going in the “KILM”? Or “Why can't I take my pottery home now?”

So, if you're curious and want to see the process behind the scenes "just ask Alice" unless of course she beats you to it! From green slimy glaze to the big red KILN , with an “N” , Alice will gladly take you on the behind the scenes pottery adventure.

What happens when you have finished painting and the others have not?

We have a really HUGE hand - drawn coloring poster hanging on our wall.

Yes, ceiling to floor and too wide to even describe. It's constantly changing as it gets colored in and completed.

You never know what you will be coloring, cities, countries, games or fantasy worlds.

Use our special bright markers to color in whatever flavor delights your fancy. Will it be polka dots in every color or stripes and zig zags?

It doesn't matter, we want you to just have fun. All and any ideas will make our amazing oversized poster much more exciting and fun to admire. No fee, no rules, no age limits just have a ye good olde time. Scribble, doodle, or shmay dray (our favorite made up word) your colors or if you dare color outside the lines 🙂