Answers to some of our most Frequently Asked Questions can be found here. If you have a question that is NOT addressed here, simply call Sunshine Pottery and Paint at 201.541.5559

  1. Question: How old must you be to paint pottery?
    Answer: If you can hold a paint brush, you can paint. Some of our half pints make amazing art work.
  2. Question: Are there other options other than painting pottery?
    Answer: Yes, Sunshine Pottery is more than just a paint your own pottery studio. We offer mosaics, canvas painting, clay building, sand art, spin art, board art, jewelry / beading, and acrylic pouring. We also have a Jackson Pollack inspired splatter booth and we feature a One of a Kind Black Lite Get your Glow On Canvas Paint sessions that is a unique experience.
  3. Question: Can we take our pottery home with us?
    Answer: Your pottery will be ready for pick up in 14 days. And If it’s completed earlier we will contact you. For your pottery to look shiny smooth glossy and food safe it must go through a process. First your pottery must dry thoroughly. Then it is dipped in a glazing solution, we call it our green slime. When that dries it is placed in the kiln ( our big red octagon oven ) where it remains for 24 hours and reaches 1800 degrees. When the oven cools down we unload the kiln which holds over 100 pieces of pottery then we wrap, package, and contact you by phone and / or email that your pottery is completed and ready for pick up.
  4. Question: How much does it cost?
    Answer: We have over 600 pieces of pottery to choose from. The prices range from $6 to $60.
  5. Question: Are there any other fees?
    Answer: There are no other fees. The price of the pottery piece you choose includes painting, glazing, and firing. There is NO sitting fee, we encourage you to stay and create as long as you like.
  6. Question: My 5 year old is finished painting, but my 11 year old is still painting what now?
    Answer: We have a Free Art Bar stocked with scented markers, fun stamps, multi colored pencils, finger crayons, squirrel pens, colorful shaped paper and so much more. We also have a 6 foot chalk table. Do you love ❤ chalk, feel free to join the fun draw to your hearts content We have oversized stencils and lots of bright colored chalk. And for the Tiny Tots and a favorite for all the kids In our studio we have a mini table with farm houses, lots of animals and puzzles too.
  7. Question: Can I bring a stroller into the studio?
    Answer: Yes, there are no stairs and there is plenty of room to park your stroller. In fact, we are handicap accessible.
  8. Question: Is there parking close by?
    Answer: Yes. We are in a strip mall. We have a big free parking lot right in front of our studio. No need to worry about feeding the meter or walking a few blocks.
  9. Question: Do we have WiFi?
    Answer: Yes, can you guess our password?
  10. Question: Are we open by reservation only?
    Answer: No – we are open for Walk – In’s, no reservations necessary. However, we recommend reservations for a large group.