Pottery, Green-ware, Bisque, which is it?

And isn't bisque some type of soup?

Green-ware is un-fired pottery – ready to be bisque fired.

Bisque is pottery that has been fired once without glaze, to a temperature just before vitrification.

Got that! So glad that is all cleared up.

Now, lets get some paint color, brushes and start painting some pottery.

Canvas Painting

Try something new, Canvas Painting for all ages.

Anyone can paint a masterpiece with our step by step guidance. No experience necessary, no art background.

We take you through the process, and before you know it you've painted a masterpiece and are ready to hop in your “Van and Gogh”

Or visit Sunshine and try it on your own. There are canvases and templates to create your own project.

With some paint from our paint bar you are on your way to create a one of a kind masterpiece.

Black Light NEON Canvas Painting

Black Light Reflective Neon Canvas painting is for kids and adults. Its New, Cool, Exciting, and just plain AWESOME fun.

When we put the black light on everything white or neon colors glow in the dark. And if that isn’t cool enough our paints are neon too!

So there's a whole lot of glow going on and your canvas, well ----- we will leave some of the details out, don't want to ruin all the surprises.

Come experience it and see for yourself!

Mosaic Arts

A decorative art form that is centuries old yet still new.

Create images on a base with small pieces of shiny beautiful colored glass, textural stones or shimmery tiles.

The Sunshine staff will assist you if this is your first time, you will be so surprised how fast your creation evolves.


CLAY OR HANDBUILDING is working with clay by using only simple tools.
Before potters had the wheel they were creating beautiful pots and clay forms using clay, just their hands and fingers, and basic tools.

At Sunshine, we give you a slab of clay to form your own designs.

It’s an exciting way to create shapes such as cups , pots, animal figures or whatever your hands want to make, while keeping the mess out of your own home and in our studio space – plus we give you instruction.


Jewelry Designing

Jewelry is art that can be worn. Created by you, jewelry can be worn as a personal artistic expression.

At Sunshine we have a host of colorful beads, and interesting components and findings. You can also combine other interests into your creation. For example, if you love history, combine historical components and blend the ideas together.

You can explore and experiment with all kinds of different tools and techniques and never make the same thing twice.

Every time you sit down at a table with a new selection of beautiful beads it is just as fresh and exciting as the very first time.


Glass Painting

Just fun - Art `tini is painting designs on wine glasses.

At Sunshine you not only get to choose from wine glasses BUT…

Wine glass of different sizes and shapes – martini glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses, rock glasses, margarita glasses and even kids glassware.

This is also great for a bachelorette party or merely a fun night out.

Acrylic Pouring

Looking to get messy and create the most incredible works of art by pouring and flow art?

Don’t underestimate how much you are going to get hooked on acrylic pouring.

Unlike so many other art forms you get amazing results right away.

Sand Art

Discover your creative side with Sand Art.

Children of all ages .... and we mean all ages,  young and old have lots of fun making beautiful pieces of art.

Pouring it is mesmerizing, and the colors are mouth watering.

Every creation is one of a kind.

Wear it as a necklace, give it as a gift or just add some flare to your room and display your sand art creations for all to admire.

Paw Prints

Bring your dog into Sunshine, or catch us at a doggie park near you.

We will engrave your pets paw prints into clay with their name and date.

We personalize and customize the plaque, you pick from an array of colors and fonts.

A beautiful memento you will always have.