aliceSunshine Pottery, located at 260 Grand Ave., Rear of Building, in Englewood, New Jersey, features a unique blend of diverse arts under the experienced leadership and direction of seasoned artist and owner Alice Small. Alice is a creative spirit in her own right, full of life and sunshine. Her mind and soul are a combination of the flavor, fragrance and colors of all that she creates and how she views the world.

Alice is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City in graphic design branching out as a designer and specialized decorative painter. She is the owner of Faux Finesse since 1994, planning, designing and executing specialty paint finishes on ceilings, walls and furniture. Her talents recreate and give a fresh spirit to items new and old as anything can be painted and given a new life.

Born and bred in Massachusetts, Alice still struts that Bostonian accent. It only takes a few minutes and you know that she talks the talk and walks the walk. Alice’s passion for teaching and instilling her innate gift to others was always a dream for her. It led to the birth of Sunshine Pottery where she could share her love for art and bestow it on to others. She is able to put her dream into motion by helping and reaching out to children, teens and adults to encourage them to tap into their creative side with or without any art knowledge or background. “You don’t have to be an artist to create great art. My goal at Sunshine is to offer each person a fun and relaxing environment where one can shine, create and celebrate memories that will last a lifetime one stroke at a time.”

Alice makes it her mission every day to foster family relationships and put a smile on every child’s face. The up-beat, warm and welcoming studio allows people to come in, have much needed quality time allowing them to disconnect from the digital world and experience the value of face time with family and friends. Her top priority is to offer her customers a clean, spacious and safe space to create freely. She encourages everyone to have fun in any art project they choose.

At Sunshine Pottery Alice encourages everyone to quite simply “Make Art” to express themselves, to think outside the box and just do whatever comes to mind allowing one’s inner creative spirit take over. No expectations, no rules, no right or wrong. Just get in touch with your inner creativity and take pride that you accomplished something wonderful and it's yours.